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Sugar Beet Cultivation Studied to Increase Biofuels

06 August 2012

MEXICO - Research is underway at the National Institute for Forestry, Agriculture and Livestock (INIFAP) to increase sugar beet cultivation technology, in order to increase biofuel production.

Institute researchers developed a beet crop management in Sonora, under irrigated conditions to serve as a guide to the producer for this crop.

Soils more suitable for the production of beet are of average texture, as there is greater use of water and nutrients.

Sugar beet cultivation also does well in clay soils or neighborhood and high sodium concentrations, it could be exploited with a lot of soil salinity that are not used for agriculture in southern Sonora.

The beet seed has some drought tolerance because of its long growth phase, a deep root system and its suitability for osmotic adjustment.

Once the crop is established, it is not damaged by rain or excessive irrigation conditions, however water logging conditions can affect the plant, which is why growers should avoid soils with drainage problems and water outlet.

In Mexico most of the energy is from fossil fuels, which are a highly polluting source of energy and non-renewable.

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