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German Bioethanol Association Hits Back After Input Concern

25 September 2012

GERMANY - German bioethanol association BDBE has hit back at claims that rising bioethanol output is contributing to higher global food prices.

Since the German government raised the allowed amount of bioethanol blended in petrol from five to 10 per cent in 2011, overall output for the first half of 2012 was 295,000 metric tonnes (a 21 per cent rise), reports Biofuels International.

But Germany’s development minister Dirk Niebel claimed the country’s increase of blended petrol was contributing to higher food prices for third world countries.

However the BDBE revealed that German producers only used 600,000 metric tonnes of grain to produce bioethanol in that first half of the year, a small fraction of the overall German grain harvest of 43.8 million.

It is also believed that less than one per cent of German farmland is utilised in the production of bioethanol.

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