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Excellent Crops, Stong Demand Fuels Interest In Winter Cereals

04 October 2012
Manitoba Pork Council

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CANADA - Winter Cereals Canada reports the quality of this year's winter cereal crops and the strong demand for them have prompted many farmers to jump back on the winter cereals bandwagon.

Record numbers of acres were seeded last fall across western Canada to winter cereal crops.

Jake Davidson, the executive manager of Winter Cereals Canada, reports thanks to ideal winter and spring weather the crops came off the fields this summer in excellent condition and are fetching strong prices so interest continues to build.

Mr Davidson said: "We haven't seen any numbers. Talking to people there's been relatively decent seed demand. There's a lot of places of course that didn't have the unseeded acreage that was seeded to winter wheat in the past year or two but the canola crop in a lot of places, especially southern Manitoba and south of number one highway in particular, came off nice and early. We had the stubble crop.

"There was some hesitance, it is awful dry but I am seeing crops planted around the Minnedosa area where I live that were planted into what one would have thought was pretty dry conditions and yet the crop is up and looking fairly healthy so it looks like we have a pretty reasonably good chance of things going well for us.

"Don't have a real good idea on the numbers but coming off of the biggest year in history for Manitoba the support is there, crop was beautiful, we had low fusarium, we had extremely high proteins and, to say the least, exceptionally good price offers and that will definitely spur people into scratching the soil."

Mr Davidson notes, with the new open market, Canada is being viewed in the United States as a potential significant source of grain.

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