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Rice Breeder Introduces New Breed to China

05 November 2012

CHINA - Li Kaibin has been cultivating rice for more than 30 years. The breed of rice he has been cultivating, known as "Chujing", grows in mountain areas between altitudes of 1500 to 1940 meters.

"Agricultural scientific research is tough work," said Li, "I spend most of my time in the farm or in the greenhouse doing research."

Li has cultivated a new breed of rice which has set a record with its rice production of 956kg per mu (0.61 hectares) in Yunnan province. It is becoming the most planted breed.

According to statistics, Li's Chujing rice breed has been promoted greatly in Yunnan and the plantation of the breed covered 46.57 million mu. It has brought huge economic and social benefits to the area.

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