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New E15 Fuel Configuration Gets Approval in US

12 February 2013

US - Responding to concerns raised by various stakeholders, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) sought and has received approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for additional flexibility for retailers offering E15. RFA’s E15 Retail Advisory has been updated with an additional fuel offering setup, ensuring that gasoline with up to 10 per cent ethanol is available at each station when also offering the higher octane fuel E15.

The new configuration will also eliminate the need for a four-gallon minimum fueling transaction when E15 is sold from the same hose as E10, E0 or both.

Advocates for motorcyclists and small engines had expressed concern that EPA’s four-gallon minimum requirement would make it difficult for those low volume customers to find fuel appropriate for their vehicles. With today’s announcement, their concerns have been eliminated.

The configuration approved by EPA will recommend that retailers either sell E15 from a dedicated hose, or have at least one fueling position that does not have E15 available.

This fueling position will be clearly identified, and other fueling positions will direct those seeking that option to the right place. EPA may ultimately approve more configuration options in the future.

“With this new change, we expect to see additional interest in E15 and an increased availability thereby provided American drivers with a product that helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil while also benefiting the environment,” said Bob Dinneen, RFA President and CEO.

“This is just another example of our commitment to continuous improvement when it comes to offering E15 at the retail level. We clearly heard stakeholders’ concerns and we moved quickly to address them.”

EPA will require that additional steps be taken by fuel distributors and retailers when commercialising E15 and the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) has developed the only resources to address these requirements:

  • RFA’s Misfueling Mitigation Plan — the only plan approved by EPA
  • RFA’s E15 Retailer Handbook — a must have tool for retailers offering E15
  • RFA’s E15 Retail Advisory — updated to provide marketplace flexibility and insurance of E10 availability

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