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Gene Research Could Boost Biofuels Crop Future

14 February 2013

ISRAEL - Evogene, a developer of improved plant traits for the industries including biofuels, has launched a model plant validation system for evaluation of candidate genes for monocot crops.

Monocot plants have one single embryonic seed leaf and include three of the most economically important food crops in corn, rice and wheat.

"The successful implementation of our monocot validation system is an important additional achievement as we aim to provide the ag-biotech industry with a complete solution for plant trait improvement for food, feed and fuel through combining state of the art biotechnology and advanced breeding methods," says Hagai Karchi, Evogene's executive VP of R&D.

Ag-biotech industry efforts to improve traits of interest in key crops require both the prediction by various methodologies of candidate genes, and then the experimental validation of the actual performance of these predictions in plants.

Such validation efforts typically begin with model plant systems that offer a much faster and more efficient high-throughput path to initially evaluate and prioritise candidate genes.

The prioritised genes, which pass proof of concept in the model plants, will undergo further evaluation in the target crops, such as corn, wheat and soybean.

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