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Romanian Winter Crops Performing Well, Corn Sowing Delayed

25 April 2013
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

ROMANIA - Romanian wheat and barley crops are in good shape, production is expected to increase this year by 22 per cent and 19 per cent, respectively.

Rainfall in recent months which has helped replenish soil moisture reserves severely depleted during the previous crop has also lead to delay in sowing of the 2013 corn crop.

Climatic conditions (winter kill and summer drought) which had significant impact on production of all crops last year have not repeated to date giving optimism for return to more typical supplies for domestic and export markets.

Corn – lower acreage, delayed planting

Corn acreage in the spring of 2013 is expected to decline by 6.5 per cent (180,000 HA) compared to the previous year because of lower acreage available for spring crops.

Unlike the previous year when major winter kill episodes involving the rapeseed and wheat crops resulting in unplanned acreage availability for spring crops, this year both are developing well.

The below-normal temperatures and rainfall during late March and first part of April caused temporary interruptions in soil preparation and planting of corn.

Delayed planting does increase the likelihood that plants would be less prepared to cope with higher temperatures and drier conditions during the first part of the summer thus ultimately potentially
affect crop yields.

However the spring planting window for corn sowing is not over and given current
favorable weather patterns field work should continue unabated through the end of April.

Corn production is projected this year at 8.4 million MT, near normal, which means an increase of about 40 per cent compared to the unusually small crop last year.

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