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AccuWeather Summer Forecast: Dry in Eastern Europe; Cool in UK, France

AccuWeather Summer Forecast: Dry in Eastern Europe; Cool in UK, France

31 May 2013

GLOBAL - This summer, the core of the heat will be over western Russia and east of Ukraine, writes Jillian MacMath for AccuWeather.

This heat will spill into eastern Europe as the summer kicks off.

"This strong ridge over southeastern Europe will make for a very concerning pattern," Meteorologist Alan Reppert said.

"Especially late in the summer, as we get into some of the long and hot days in August."

Temperatures could push as high as 2 to 4 degrees C above normal at times in some areas. In Athens, in particular, heat will be locked in midway through June, and that warmth will likely push into Rome and other major cities in the south.

This heat will increase the threat of fires from the dry vegetation that grew over the winter and spring.

"If it does get hot and dry, that vegetation will dry out and die, and all you will need is something to set it off," Expert Meteorologist Jason Nicholls said.

Abnormally dry conditions could evolve into significant drought in late June or July.

accuweather map

UK and France: Coolest Summer in Years

A strong signal for cooler weather prevails over the UK this summer, in a significant change from recent years. Below-normal temperatures have not occurred in London and Paris for more than 10 years.

This summer, cool air will spread into the two cities.

This is not to say that summerlike warmth will be absent in the coming months. Short-duration spells of warmer weather are possible in July and August.

Agriculturally, it is expected to a decent year for the region. Wheat, sunflower seeds and corn should not suffer under these conditions.

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Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria: Mix of Warm and Cool Air

June will be a cool and unsettled month for the region. Berlin, Rome and Vienna should expect some heat this summer starting in mid- to late-July through August. In Berlin and Vienna, however, the heat will not be sustained.

"There will be shots of cooler air at times into July," Nicholls said.

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