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Randy Myers Explains Fungicide Necessity

Randy Myers Explains Fungicide Necessity

06 June 2013
Bayer CropScience

US - Increased recognition of the value of fungicides, paired with wider understanding of how they can benefit crops, has seen huge growth in demand, according to Randy Myers, Bayer CropScience brand manager.

Fungicides are used to limit damage in crops, which can lead to critical losses, impacting both yields and profit.

Mr Myers said it's important to recognise the advances of fungicides over the past decade, including how they can now help plants to cope with stresses better than previously.

"Keeping a crop healthy and disease free is important to growers, with the need for higher yields. Fungicides ensure that the grower gets the most out of their expensive inputs," said Mr Myers.

"Ten years ago the market for corn fungicides was small, now corn is the number one fungicide market in the US, so the whole market place is shifting.

"As that does we look at the number of acres, we've got 95 million acres of corn, we've got 70-plus million acres of soybeans. The demand for these products continues to rise.

"Look at Brazil, they spray all their acres of soybeans with fungicides, the value is being seen. It's down to us to meet this growing demand."

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