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China Grants Approval to GM Corn and Soybean Varieties

14 June 2013

ARGENTINA – Great opportunities could lie ahead for grain exporters following official approval from the Chinese Ministry for the shipment of three GM soybean varieties and one corn cultivar.

The decision was made this week by Han Chang Fu, Minister for Agriculture for China, who gave the green light to three genetically modified soybean varieties; RR2BT, a Imidazolidone resistant soybean and a glufosinate resistant soybean.

Corn variety MIR 162 has also been approved to the delight of Argentinian Farm Minister, Norberto Yauhar.

“It is one of the most important developments for the country in recent times,” said Mr Yauhar.”

The effects are expected to be far reaching and benefit all aspects of the production chain, he added.

A 60,000 ton batch of soybean has already been bought by Chinese traders from a private traders, this Mr Yauhar said, is hopefully the first of many.

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