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The Role of AD in Sustainable Farming

27 June 2013

UK - The sustainability of farming in general and bioenergy in particular are hot topics at the moment, with debates on Indirect Land Use Change (iLUC) at European level and the UK government continuing to develop policy following last year’s Bioenergy Strategy.

Dr Jeremy Woods, from Imperial College London, will examine these issues in more detail when he speaks on 3 July at UK AD & Biogas 2013 (3-4 July, NEC Birmingham) on the subject of ‘The role of AD in sustainable farming’.

Dr Woods will set out how bioenergy generated through technology such as AD can support food production by boosting nutrient recycling and soil management, while also producing renewable energy.

With climate change increasingly hampering food production around the world, the farming sector has a vital role to play in helping deliver food security for the UK as well as reducing its own environmental impact.

Fossil fuel resources are also being rapidly depleted – in a recent public poll, 79% said they were concerned that the UK was becoming too dependent on imported energy. UK farming has a vital role to play in generating localised renewable energy and helping to meet this strategic objective.

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is one of the most suitable renewable technologies for use on farms – a closed loop system which can treat almost any organic waste including slurries, vegetable offcuts, outgrade crops, and animal by-product material, as well as using crops which fit in and often enhance agricultural rotations.

It can do so at a variety of scales, from small containerised units to facilities with multiple digesters and processing stages. The process produces biogas, a flexible renewable gas which can heat and power on-site operations, and digestate, a nutrient-rich biofertiliser which can be spread to land and replaces the need for synthetic fertiliser.

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