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Somalia Maize, Sorghum Prices Increasing Seasonally but Remain at Low Levels

19 July 2013

SOMALIA - After a favourable start of the 2013 “gu” rainy season (April to June), rains subsided by mid- May in some southern/central areas of the country, such as Hiraan and Middle Shabelle.

The 2013 “gu” season coarse grain production, to be harvested in August, is expected to be below average, with particularly low yields in areas of Gedo, Huduur and Hiran regions bordering Kenya and Ethiopia that received below average rainfall amounts.

In Lower Shabelle region, although rains were generally favourable, maize production is expected to be below average as farmers preferred often to plant more profitable sesame crop.

In the north-west, a stock borer infestation together with moisture stress has caused damage to maturing maize crops, while the final output of the long-cycle sorghum crop, for harvest in October, still depends on the performance of the July-August “karan” rains.

Off-season crop production set to improve

Torrential rains at the beginning of April, coupled with heavy runoff from catchments in the Ethiopian highlands, resulted in seasonal floods in the Shabelle Valley with damages to infrastructure and loss of planted area.

With the recession of flood waters, however, planting of off-season crops started in May and, favoured by the early start of the dry season, continued thought June. Off-season crop production, mainly maize to be gathered between August and September, is therefore expected to be above average.

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