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Support for Bayer Neonicotinoid Legal Challenge

12 December 2013

UK - The NFU is to support Bayer’s legal challenge on the restrictions of the use of neonicotinoids, it has announced today.

NFU Director General Andy Robertson said: “The NFU will support Bayer’s legal challenge of the European Commission’s restrictions on neonicotinoids, and as with the Syngenta challenge, we are planning a direct intervention to support the case.

“We are giving our support because we believe the restrictions are a clear example of poor policy making by regulators. The NFU is concerned that the restrictions were made without a clear basis in science and as a result will harm NFU members’ ability to farm productively and sustainably.

“This sustainable approach depends in part on the availability of a diverse range of pesticides, and the erosion of active ingredients on unjustifiable grounds increases the risk of pest, weed and disease resistance.”

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