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New Canola Meal Website,, Launched

New Canola Meal Website,, Launched

13 January 2014
Canola Council Canada

The Canola Council of Canada has launched of, a new website showcasing the facts and firsthand accounts of using canola meal.

Canolamazing is designed to educate dairy producers about their options when it comes to protein sources for dairy rations. Soybean meal has long dominated the protein market as a mainstay in the dairy market, but recent canola meal research busts this accepted norm.

When it comes to rumen undegradable protein, canola meal is 16 percent more efficient than soybean meal at getting protein past the rumen, where it can be absorbed and used to produce milk1.

“The goal of Canolamazing is to both elevate the conversation about protein options for dairy producers, as well as raise awareness of canola meal as a whole,” says Bruce Jowett, vice president of Market Development for the Canola Council of Canada. “Canola meal can provide great options to dairy producers, but many producers don’t know that canola meal is even available to them, or already in their ration.”

The Canolamazing campaign will be anchored by a website,, which will serve as a platform for education and discussion. Dairy nutritionists and producers will contribute to a blog and provide real experiences with canola meal. The campaign will also be supported through Facebook.

For more information about canola meal, visit

1 G. Maxin, D.R. Ouellet and H. Lapierre. 2013. Rumen Degradability Of Four Protein Sources: Soybean Meal (SBM), Canola Meal (CM) And Corn or Wheat Dried Distillers Grains (DDG). Proc. Western Canadian Dairy Seminar25:384.

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