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Ukraine Farmers Start Spring Sowing Despite Political Unrest

Ukraine Farmers Start Spring Sowing Despite Political Unrest

04 March 2014

UKRAINE - Farmers in the Ukraine have started planting spring crops, despite the tense political situation in the region.

Already spring crop planting is being carried out on 25,100 hectares including parts of the Crimea, where 23,500 hectares has been planted. A further 600 hectares has been planted in Zaporozhye, 500 hectares in Kherson and 500 hectares in Mykolaiv.

Ukraine minister of agriculture, Igor Shvaika, said: “Despite the tense political situation that provoked acts of military aggression by neighbouring states and the artificial conflict escalation by foreign agents, Ukrainian farmers started the planting campaign on time and it will be held at the optimum time."

Sowing is expected to start in other southern states shortly.

The minister said that the agricultural sector has already fully secured spring crop seeds, including corn and soybean in particular, rape and sunflower.

“Thus, the course of the spring field work is under constant control of MAP, and the farmers have been provided with everything they need," said Mr Shvaika.

The Minister said that the forecast for the spring sown area of crops in all categories in 2014 is 19.2 million hectares.

The Minister added that of the 7.8 million hectares of winter crops planted 93 per cent are in good or satisfactory condition

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