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New Machinery Award Winners Announced at Cereals 2014

12 June 2014

UK - An innovative tractor transmission, a novel bale wrapper, a new seedbed cultivator and an impressive weed imaging spot sprayer have each won a prestigious award introduced at Cereals 2014.

The International Machinery Manufacturers’ Awards, the new Oscars for agricultural machinery, were launched by Cereals organiser Haymarket Exhibitions to recognise companies that have produced machines that stand out from the crowd by delivering a mix of innovation, cost-effectiveness and value.

Open to all companies that sell farm machinery in the UK, the IMMA attracted entries from 28 companies. The awards are aimed specifically at machines launched in the past 18 months, nominated by the manufacturer, dealer or any farmer with first-hand experience of the new kit working on his farm.

The four categories cover cultivation equipment, sprayers, tractors and harvest machinery. They attracted a diverse range of entries, from combines to moisture meters, power harrows to drain cleaners and self-propelled sprayers to nozzles.

After much deliberation, judges from IMMA supporters the Agricultural Engineers’ Association, The Institution of Agricultural Engineers, The Royal Agricultural University and Farmers Weekly came up with a shortlist of 22 products before deciding on their category winners and runners up.

The four winners were:

Cultivation equipment
• Cousins of Emneth’s surface seedbed cultivator is designed to improve weed control while maintaining soils structure to allow improved field access later in the autumn drilling window.
Judges’ comments: This is an innovative piece of equipment that gives scope to do several tasks in one pass, including chitting weed seeds and maintaining soil structure.

• Garford’s Robocrop weed-imaging spot sprayer identifies and targets weeds for treatment with a jet of weedkiller while avoiding contact with the crop. This allows extremely low herbicide rates – chemical usage is often less than 1% of the normal overall rate.
Judges’ comments: This is impressive technology with a weed-spotting imaging system that brings us close to truly distinguishing friend from foe.

• John Deere’s Direct Drive transmission employs Formula 1 technology on its 6R tractor range to combine the handling comfort of an infinitely variable shift transmission (IVT) with exceptional efficiency. It is designed to deliver maximum productivity and fuel efficiency for tasks that need continuous power.
Judges’ comments: It’s not often that a new transmission comes along, but this one is clearly innovative. The potential for greater efficiency – and lower fuel use – is great.

Harvest machinery
• McHale’s Fusion 3 Plus baler-wrapper applies film to the barrel of the bale in the bale chamber. This binds the bale together as it passes from the baler to the bale wrapper, eliminating the need for string or net wrap.
Judges’ comments: By applying film in this way and eliminating the need for string or netwrap, McHale has brought considerable innovation to this type of machine. Very impressive.

Roger Lane-Nott, chief executive of the AEA and IMMA judge, said: "IMMA opens a new era for the farm equipment industry and aims to showcase new products that are well designed, innovative, what farmers want and value for money.

“The four categories - tractors, cultivation, harvesting, and spraying cover all the areas of machinery and should allow all - large or small - manufacturer's products to be nominated. The awards will help to promote the industry and this inaugural year will hopefully result in more nominations in the future."

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