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Alberta Beekeepers Conduct Winterkill, Management Survey

Alberta Beekeepers Conduct Winterkill, Management Survey

20 June 2014
Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development

CANADA - Alberta Agriculture is currently conducting its annual honey bee winterkill and management survey 2014.

“The honey bee winterkill and management survey is an important component in developing Alberta Apiculture surveillance system and best management practices,” says Medhat Nasr, provincial apiculturist, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Edmonton.

“Results are also used to justify any emergency registration of new potential miticides or medications as needed.”

Nasr says it is impossible to justify the registration of any products to control honey bee pests without providing field data collected through this type of survey.

“As such, replying to the 2014 survey is essential for the continuation of our program services and to keep healthy bees.”

The survey is being sent to all registered Alberta beekeepers. Completed surveys by commercial beekeepers who own 400 hives or more may be faxed or mailed to:

Bee Survey- Provincial Building
4705-49 Avenue
Stettler, Alberta
T0C 2L0
Fax: 403-742-7527

For the rest of beekeepers, fax or mail the survey to the Provincial Apiculturist office:

Alberta Provincial Apiculturist
Crop Diversification Centre North
17507 Fort Road NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5Y 6H3
Fax: 780-422-6096

The deadline for submissions is June 29, 2014.

For more information regarding the survey or its questions email Medhat Nasr at

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