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Cargill Expands Wheat Processing Plant in Russia

Cargill Expands Wheat Processing Plant in Russia

26 June 2014

RUSSIA - Agrifood giant Cargill has invested $100 million dollars in its Starches and Sweeteners facility in Efremov, Russia, upgrading its wheat processing plant and adding state of the art equipment and technology.

The plant will process 500,000 tonnes of wheat a year – almost doubling its original capacity and creating additional market opportunities for farmers in the Tula region of Russia.

This production line forms part of Cargill’s multi-functional production site in Efremov, and it will create additional market opportunities in this wheat growing region, where local farmers will benefit from having a reliable and sustainable outlet for their wheat.

Natalia Orlova, head of Cargill’s food business in Russia said: “This project is a reflection of our commitment to the Tula region and to Russia. Effective use of technology allows us to use the natural potential of our local wheat to its maximum effect. We can be useful to our customers and communities and help them to thrive.”

The technology and equipment of the new line are in full compliance with international safety standards and quality that allow Cargill to have zero waste.The food ingredients produced at this plant are used in different food and feed industries.

A wide range of starch-based glucose, maltose and glucose-fructose syrups are delivered to Russian companies producing soft drinks, beer, confectionery, while starch is shipped to paper and corrugated cardboard industries, and also to the mixed fodder plants.

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