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DuPont Crop Protection, Advanta US Partner for New Non-GMO Sorghum Trait

DuPont Crop Protection, Advanta US Partner for New Non-GMO Sorghum Trait

05 August 2014

US - DuPont Crop Protection and Advanta US have signed a joint agreement to commercialise the DuPont Inzen Z herbicide-tolerance sorghum trait.

This advance in sorghum genetics will give growers greater ability to control yield-limiting grass weeds in grain sorghum or milo, a key crop for areas with limited rainfall.

"This partnership addresses an urgent market need," said James Hay, regional director, North America, DuPont Crop Protection.

"Today, annual grass weeds reduce US sorghum yields by approximately 20 percent. The Inzen Z herbicide-tolerance trait offers the potential to stem those losses by providing more effective control of key grass weeds, including foxtail, barnyardgrass, crabgrass and Texas panicum. DuPont Zest will be a herbicide offering for this tolerant trait but currently is still under development and is not registered with EPA."

"Commercialization of Inzen Z will provide sorghum growers with a number of production and marketing advantages, said Steve Ligon, managing director for Advanta US.

"The ability to control grassy weeds will allow for greater yields, profitability and convenience for sorghum growers. We're adding the Inzen Z herbicide-tolerance trait to our premium Alta Seeds hybrids to deliver a valuable combination of top-yielding sorghum genetics with the latest breeding advancements.

No export restrictions are expected for sorghum grain resulting from seed with
the new trait.

"Protecting sorghum production with effective grass control will help us take another step toward our collective goal of feeding the growing world population," added Hay.

"DuPont Crop Protection and Advanta US are working closely with regulatory agencies and local seed and crop protection teams to develop a product stewardship plan for the new seed trait," added Hay.

"Our top priority is to preserve the usefulness of this valuable technology. That means educating all parties on stewardship and best management practices before bringing Inzen Z to market."

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