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India’s 2014-15 Cotton Crop Estimated at 46.85 Million Bales

India’s 2014-15 Cotton Crop Estimated at 46.85 Million Bales

24 September 2014

INDIA - India’s cotton output during the 2014-15 has been estimated at 46.85 million bales of 170 kgs each.

Releasing the projected balance sheet, Cotton Association of India (CAI) said that for the year 2014-15 estimated total cotton supply is pegged at 46.85 million bales, while domestic consumption is estimated at 30 million bales, thus leaving an available surplus of 16.85 million bales.

As per the Directorate of Cotton Development, a government agency, acreage under cotton as of now is 12.37 million hectare and it is likely to be finally in the range of about 12.6 million hectares to 12.7 million hectares, against the acreage of 11.72 million hectare under cotton during the crop year 2013-14, CAI said.

CAI said, “The free and stable cotton policy maintained by the government during the last few years has encouraged the market forces to play a role to the advantage of the entire cotton value chain more particularly the cotton farmers providing them the opportunity of realising remunerative prices for their produce. This has encouraged the farmers to bring in the largest ever acreage under cotton during the 2014-15 crop year.”

Keeping in mind the increased acreage and the recent round of rains which has improved the situation to a great extent and alleviated the fear of a poor yield, the cotton production for the season 2014-15 is set to reach the level of last year which is already a record and it can even surpass last year’s production level if the weather remains favourable, CAI explained.

In its August estimates, the CAI has also placed the cotton crop for the season 2013-14 at 40.35 million bales while the arrivals up to August 31, 2014 are placed at 40.2 million bales.

Jagdish Kumar, Editor

Jagdish Kumar, Editor

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