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Agricultural Exhibitions Showcasing New Technologies

Agricultural Exhibitions Showcasing New Technologies

14 October 2014

UK - Technology has changed the way the world operates and farming is no exception.

The day to day running costs involved in farming are phenomenal before even considering the impact of floods, disease or sudden switches in agricultural trends. With farming still in recovery following the impact of the flood crisis in early 2014 British farmers are looking to invest in the latest equipment and technology in order to visualise a profitable future for future farming generations.

Agricultural inventions have continued to change the face of farming throughout history. The first threshing machine (thresher) was devised to separate grain from stalks and husks was invented c.1786 by the Scottish mechanical engineer Andrew Meikle. For thousands of years prior to this, grain was separated by hand with flails, a very laborious and time consuming task, taking up around one-quarter of agricultural labor.

Today a combine harvester that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigation technology can reduce crop wastage significantly and be driven 24 hours a day via an advanced satellite navigation system. This is just one example of how developments in machine technology have further increased efficiency across farming.

Agricultural tradeshows across the UK such as LAMMA 2015 can provide an ideal environment for farmers and rural businesses to test, first-hand, all of the latest innovations in farming equipment and technology. Visitors are given the unique opportunity to interact with physical products, make direct comparisons to competitors and ensure future purchases are made based on informed decisions.

With an excess of 40,000 farmer owners and industry professionals attending such events, the agricultural machine industry needs to recognise the value of exhibiting effectively in extremely competitive markets. Live events work for any business, large or small and according to The Vivid Interface Survey, trade exhibitors can expect on average to generate over £800,000 in additional sales from attending an event.

Joe Plosky, Director at Pod Exhibitions commented: “The agricultural machine industry, although technically advanced with machinery, are not exhibiting as effectively as they could be at trade shows. We recently worked on a successful project for CLAAS and were surprised to see that other sales and marketing teams across agriculture were not taking full advantage of the exhibiting opportunities available to them.”

The wide range of grants and subsidy schemes that are available to support the farming industry today, illustrates a widespread recognition that the farming industry needs to make the right investments in up to date machinery and equipment.

In turn the manufacturing industry needs to recognise that exhibiting the latest machinery and equipment at trade shows is the most effective way to showcase the latest innovations. Marketers need to invest in expert exhibition specialists to ensure true engagement with potential customers.

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