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NNFCC Publishes Update to Report, ‘AD Deployment in the UK'

15 October 2014

UK - NNFCC have announced the publication of an update to their April 2014 report ‘Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Deployment in the United Kingdom,’ as there has been substantial activity in the AD sector in the last six months.

The original report was very well received by the AD industry as it gives, for the first time, an accurate and detailed picture of the pipeline of AD projects throughout all regions of the UK.

Containing a comprehensive breakdown of feedstock requirements, installed capacity and output type for each project, it also provides estimated cropping area for all anaerobic digestion plants contained within the NNFCC anaerobic digestion deployment database, which tracks projects from the first public announcement through to operation.

Almost a hundred new projects, either operational or under development, have been added during this period, demonstrating that the industry remains buoyant, despite a reduction in incentives.

Over the last six months there has been a noticeable shift towards the development of plants intending to use agricultural feedstock; the number of farm-fed plants under development has increased by a total of 70 while the number of waste-based projects has increased by just four.

Lucy Hopwood, lead consultant for Bioenergy and Anaerobic Digestion at NNFCC said, “We expect that this update to the report, in conjunction with the original April publication, will be of great value to developers, investors and policymakers alike in understanding the current state-of-play of the UK AD industry.

"We ourselves are overwhelmed by the level of activity which has occurred since April. If we had left the update until April 2015 as originally intended, the changes would have been difficult to track; we felt an interim update was essential to ensure up-to-date information is available to the readers which accurately represents this constantly evolving industry.”

The report is available to buy on the NNFCC website.

Anyone who bought the April report will receive this update at no additional cost; anyone buying the report now will receive both versions to enable tracking of recent developments.

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