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CROPROTECT: Supporting Integrated Pest Management

CROPROTECT: Supporting Integrated Pest Management

10 November 2014
Rothamsted Research

UK - Farmers face a continuous battle against pests, weeds and diseases. To ensure efficient production, pest management solutions are required for crop protection.

These challenges have been managed primarily with pesticides for the last few decades but now alternative solutions need to be delivered.

CROPROTECT is a two-way web-based free knowledge exchange tool where farmers and agronomists will be able to get specific information about IPM systems relevant to their needs.

The project will run for the next three years and its development will require input and contribution from farmers and agronomists during these initial stages of the project.

Dr Toby Bruce, the Rothamsted Research scientist leading this project said: “We are very excited to have the opportunity to develop this system and are keen to engage with farmers and agronomists early on in the project.”

“The system will co-ordinate and connect grower data with information on pest, weed and disease management to provide appropriate pest management suggestions. It will be a two-way system and allow us to obtain a detailed picture of specific challenges growers face as conventional pesticide options are diminished for problems such as black grass in winter wheat and flea beetle in oilseed rape” Toby Bruce added.

The basic framework of CROPROTECT will be generic and units will be built for each of the major UK crops. As different units are added and the system develops it will build a detailed picture of both problems and solutions in terms of good management practices.

The system will thus make use of information technology to provide better information about pesticide alternatives. The project is expected to make advances in web-based knowledge transfer systems.

For more information on how to contribute to CROPROTECT, click here.

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