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Uncertainty for Russia and Ukraine Winter Crops

Uncertainty for Russia and Ukraine Winter Crops

26 November 2014

EU - Planting conditions for winter crops across the EU have been ‘predominantly favourable’.

That's according to the latest EU Crop Monitoring (MARS) report.

During October and the first part of November, western and central Europe generally experienced warmer than average conditions.

Although, heavy rainfall in some areas, such as France, did cause delays in planting winter wheat crops, no serious problems were reported and early establishment progressed well.

Winter barley crops generally emerged around two weeks earlier than 2013 as a result of the warm conditions. Good establishment was also reported for winter rapeseed crops, although reports of insect damage in Germany and the UK are highlighted.

However, in Russia and Ukraine conditions were less favourable. Below average rainfall (see below) has led to concerns over crop establishment, with delays in many areas.

Although, Russian wheat was planted quickly, winter wheat is said to be generally poorly established.

The report cautions that crop conditions may improve if late November weather is warm and wet but the risk of winter frost kill is high.

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