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Cargill’s Karnataka Milling Unit to Open in June

Cargill’s Karnataka Milling Unit to Open in June

09 January 2015

INDIA - In order to tap huge potential of maize grown in the stateof Karnataka, Cargill’s milling plant is expected to start operations from June 2015.

“The plant will process 800 tonnes of maize per day capacity and is being built with an investment of $73 million”, Jan Bosman, Managing Director, Starches and Sweeteners India, Cargill told TheCropSite.

Speaking on why Cargill selected Karnataka to set up the unit, Mr Bosman said: “Karnataka is one of the major state for maize farming, maize being the raw material for the plant, we wanted to be close to the raw material source and reduce inefficiencies in transporting maize from another state. From Karnataka we can reach the markets with our products.”

The new plant would supply glucose syrups and maltodextrin extracted from maize to India based food, beverage and pharma industries. Some part of the production will be exported to countries in South East Asia, Mr Bosman added.

On the regions the company is targeting, Mr Bosman said, that our primary focus will be on central and south India.

On future plans, Mr Bosman said, Cargill is committed to the India market and we keep looking out for good investment opportunities.

With this plant, we will be able to address the growing need for reliable supply of food safe, quality compliant sweeteners by the food and beverage industry.
The new plant will be company’s first wet corn milling plant in India and the company would require an additional 250,000 tonnes of maize for processing that will be sourced from the state.


Jagdish Kumar, Editor

Jagdish Kumar, Editor

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