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India’s Oilmeal Exports Down by 42 Per Cent

India’s Oilmeal Exports Down by 42 Per Cent

14 January 2015

INDIA - Exports of oilmeal from India has recorded a drop of 42 per cent at 1.84 million tonnes during April to December 2014.

During the same period last year, oilmeal exports were posted at 3.19 million tonnes, Solvent Extractors Association of India (SEAI), a body representing vegetable oil industry and trade said in the report recently.

SEAI attributed the drop to reduction of soybean meal exports during the last nine months and total disparity for soybean meal in the international market.

However, during the nine month period, share of rapeseed meal has increased from 682,653 tonnes to 895,585 tonnes, while rice bran extractions export was doubled during the last nine months.

During December 2014, exports of oilmeal were also down by 34 per cent at 389,811 tonnes, as compared to 590,357 tonnes, SEAI statement said.

Oilmeal Imports from South Korea declined by 132,454 tonnnes and touched 689,357 tonnes, as compared to 821,811 tonnes imported during the same period last year.

Exports to South Korea consisted 389,974 tonnes of rapeseed meal, 297,639 tonnes of castor meal and 1,744 tonnes of soybean meal.

Iran imported of 282,191 tonnes, against 923,779 tonnes last year consisting of 140,400 tonnes of soybean meal and 141,791 tonnes of rapeseed meal.

Imports from Thailand was also down to 188,331 tonnes, as compared to 235,372 tonnes, consisting 181,484 tonnes of rapeseed meal and 6,847 tonnes of soybean meal imported the same period last year.

However, Vietnam imports recorded a positive growth at 216,712 tonnes, as compared to 162,670 tonnes imported last year consisting of 56,275 tonnes of rapeseed meal, 14,557 tonnes of soybean meal, 1,186 tonnes of groundnut meal and 144,694 tonnes of rice bran extraction, SEAI adds.

Taiwan imports dropped to 56,637 tonnes, as compared to 93,374 tonnes of last year consisting of 28,416 tonnes of rapeseed meal, 22,685 tonnes of castor meal and 5,536 tonnes of soybean meal.

Imports from Europe were recorded at 183,444 tonnes, against 492,368 tonnes registered the same period last year.

Jagdish Kumar, Editor

Jagdish Kumar, Editor

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