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Is There a Risk of Winter-kill for EU Cereal Crops?

Is There a Risk of Winter-kill for EU Cereal Crops?

03 February 2015

UK - The latest EU crop monitoring (MARS) report points to low levels of winter kill across the EU so far this winter.

Through December and most of January, temperatures have been above or close to average for the time of year in most parts of Europe, which the model indicates has caused very low levels of winter (frost) kill.

However, the warmer than average temperatures do mean that crops in these areas show a relatively low level of ‘hardening’, effectively meaning that crops are less ‘winter-ready’.

Winter wheat crops have only partially hardened in parts of Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Balkan Peninsula. Crops with limited hardening run the risk of incurring frost-kill damage in the event of a sudden freezing air intrusion, accompanied by shallow snow cover.

While winter crops in the EU are looking good, the report highlights that damage has likely occurred in parts of Ukraine and Russia, following less than optimal establishment due to a dry autumn. However, there is still a long way to go until harvest 2015 and spring crops will also be important.

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