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Use Modern Techniques, Machinery, Indian Agri Minister Urges Farmers

Use Modern Techniques, Machinery, Indian Agri Minister Urges Farmers

06 February 2015

INDIA - In order to produce as per the international standard, Indian agriculture minister, Radha Mohan Singh has called upon the horticulture farmers to use modern techniques and machinery.

Speaking during a function titled ‘Horticulture Sangam’ jointly organised by National Horticulture Board and Horticulture Department of Government of Karnataka at Lalbagh, Bengaluru, Singh said the government is facilitating the use of advanced horticulture techniques through its Horticulture Central Programmes so that farmers can achieve high productivity with quality and efficiency in cultivation of horticulture products.

Government is also promoting chain of cold storage across the country so as to avoid wastage of horticulture products, Singh adds.

In this Sangam business groups such as Mother Dairy, Reliance, Walmart, Big Bazaar, Spencer are participating so that farmers can directly sell their products to them, Singh Stressed.

Singh said that organisation of such events gives inspiration to horticulture fraternity to work together and facilitates the availability of horticulture products of various states at single place.

Attributing, horticultural production at 275 million tonnes during 2014-15 (as per initial estimates) to the efforts of farmers, Singh said that government has integrated all horticulture programme into Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH), so that farmers and entrepreneurs are benefitted.

Indian horticulture products such as, mango, lichi, grapes, saffron, have their distinct identity in global market.

By exporting horticulture products, farmers have contributed in increasing the country’s foreign exchange, Singh said.

Jagdish Kumar, Editor

Jagdish Kumar, Editor

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