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New Canadian Laws Will Modernise Agriculture

New Canadian Laws Will Modernise Agriculture

01 April 2015

CANADA - The Agricultural Growth Act has come into force, allowing farmers to benefit from increased modernisation and trade opportunities.

Farmers now benefit from greater access to new crop varieties and the latest technology to remain competitive and meet the needs of Canadians.

This new legislation strengthens agricultural intellectual property rights, improves access to the latest scientific research, reduces red tape and regulatory burden on producers, and expands global market opportunities.

As well, inspectors have stronger tools to enforce regulations and deter anyone who puts Canada's plant and animal resource base at risk.

The new legislation ratifies the Act of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV'91), the international standard for plant breeders' rights. Being party to the UPOV'91 Convention will provide access to new and better tools to help Canada's farmers and agricultural industry grow their businesses and bring Canada in line with its major trading partners.

Ratification of the UPOV'91 Convention at the international level will facilitate farmers' access to new and innovative plant varieties while protecting intellectual property and encouraging investment.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz said: "Canadian agriculture is an important driver of economic growth across Canada.

"The passage of the Agricultural Growth Act is a momentous step forward for our agricultural industry. This Bill will give producers a competitive advantage in the global marketplace, lead to increased investment in research and innovation, and translate into more jobs throughout the sector."


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