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Brazil's Ag Exports at Record Levels in 2015

Brazil's Ag Exports at Record Levels in 2015

13 January 2016

BRAZIL - The amount of soybeans, corn, fresh chicken, coffee and pulp sold abroad in 2015 registered a record for Brazil's agribusiness trade.

This information was released on Monday by Secretary of International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA), Tatiana Palermo.

The export volume of soybeans rose 19 per cent compared to 2014 and reached 54.32 million tons, the largest amount ever recorded.

The other record holders are soybean meal, with 14.8 million tons sold abroad (8 per cent increase); corn, which reached 28.9 million tons (40 per cent growth); coffee, with 2.09 million ton (+1 per cent), chicken meat, with 3.89 million tons (+7 per cent) and cellulose with 11.97 million tons (+8 per cent).

Other important items for Brazilian agribusiness that recorded an increase in export volume compared to 2014 are alcohol (+34 per cent), fruit (+17 per cent), paper (+14 per cent), cocoa and cocoa (+12 per cent) and pork (+10 per cent).

Regarding export value, the soy complex occupied first position in the ranking with US $27.9 billion.

Meats are second place in terms of export value (US $14.7 billion), especially chicken, which represented 48 per cent of the value exported by the meat industry (US $7.07 billion and 4.23 million tons).

Following the global trend of commodities, the main exported Brazilian agricultural products, such as soybeans and beef, had lower average prices in 2015. That led to the reduction of the balance surplus, which in 2015 was $ 75.15 billion, down from US $ 80.13 billion in 2014. This was offset by record volumes exported and the appreciation of the exchange rate, that supported the real income of exporters.

"In difficult times of the global economic scenario, with widespread drop in prices, we performed very well, with record sales volumes throughout 2015," said Tatiana Palermo.

"The exchange rate has increased 45 per cent since the beginning of the year. This high softened the fall in prices of major agricultural commodities."

China was the main destination for Brazilian agribusiness products in 2015, totalling US $21.28 billion, mainly in soybeans grains and cellulose. The Asian country was the destination for over 75 per cent of Brazilian soy beans exported during the period.

The second destination was the United States (US $ 6.47 billion) with emphasis on green coffee ($ 1.18 billion), cellulose (US $ 983.62 million) and alcohol (US $ 451.03 million).

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