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Government transfers credit of R$220 million to family farming

Government transfers credit of R$220 million to family farming

01 June 2020

The Brazilian Federal Government wants to guarantee the income of family farmers and at the same time take food to families in situations of social vulnerability, given the economic effects of the new coronavirus.

For this reason, the Ministry of Citizenship transferred R $ 220 million to the National Supply Company (Conab). 

The resources are directed to the Food Acquisition Program (PAA), which has two basic purposes: to promote access to food and to encourage family farming. It is estimated that 27 thousand family farmers from all over the country will benefit and more than 1.8 thousand entities will receive food.

The food purchased will be donated to entities in the social assistance network, to public food equipment, such as popular restaurants and Food Banks, in addition to the public health and education network.

“PAA allows the sale of more than three thousand food items produced by family farming, guaranteeing the flow of this production and guaranteeing income to producers”, says the substitute director of the Public Procurement Department of the National Secretariat for Social Inclusion and Rural Productivity from the Ministry of Citizenship, Elisângela Sanches.

The execution will be done through the Purchase with Simultaneous Donation modality. That is, the cooperatives and associations prepare a project with the varieties and quantities of their products and present them to Conab. If approved, they receive the resource for the purchase of food and then distribute it to the entities.

Provisional Measure

Extraordinary resources were guaranteed through Provisional Measure 957/2020 , published on April 27 and signed by President Jair Bolsonaro and Economy Minister Paulo Guedes. On the occasion, an extraordinary credit in the amount of R $ 500 million was opened in favor of the Ministry of Citizenship for actions of food and nutritional security, in the context of tackling the new coronavirus.

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