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RTK Goes Mobile and Further

11 March 2010
John Deere

UK - John Deere's AMS (Agricultural Management Solutions) division has announced two new ways of supplying farm vehicles with highly accurate GPS correction signals for precision farming applications - a mobile RTK system with an industry exclusive 'fall-back' feature, and a unique method of extending the signal reliably from an RTK base station.

Using the StarFire RTK (real time kinematic) system, it is possible to achieve a repeatable accuracy of only +/- 2cm. This is recommended for customers who require the very highest levels of accuracy for crop establishment, treatment and harvesting applications, such as potato growers or those wishing to carry out controlled traffic farming (CTF).

As an alternative to the existing base station system, the new StarFire Mobile RTK option instead uses a modem connected to the vehicle-mounted StarFire iTC receiver to provide a correction signal via the Vodafone mobile phone network and a central internet-based server.

The central server automatically calculates the optimum error correction for the vehicle's location, maintaining +/- 2cm repeatable accuracy regardless of the vehicle's position. In this way, StarFire Mobile RTK eliminates the build-up of inaccuracy at distance, which is inherent in all base station RTK systems. The correction signal is provided by Axio-Net, a member of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space (EADS) group.

Other benefits, over and above those offered by fixed base station systems, include wider coverage without the need to maintain a 'line of sight' contact with the base station. RTK accuracy and repeatability can then be employed more practically by those working over wide geographical areas (for example contractors), without the need to change receiver settings.

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