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GM Crop Development Increased

12 March 2010

CHINA - China is to accelerate development of its own genetically modified (GM) crops in a bid to ensure food security and increase global competitiveness.

The Ministry of Agriculture also denied that China has already approved imported GM grain seeds for planting, Reuters reported.

It explained that the GM cotton, soy, maize and rapeseed approved for import were restricted to use as raw materials for processing, but revealed that the country hopes to grow its own GM crops that are resistant to pests and diseases.

"Accelerating technical research on GM crops and their application and healthy development will provide a vigorous scientific support for the sustainable development of China's agriculture," said a ministry official.

More than 20 GM crops have been approved for field trials in China in the hope of reducing the need to import food in the future.

Wheat breeding bases have recently been established in Xinjiang to provide high-quality improved seeds and encourage farmers to return to the crop.

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