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Barley Variety Should Be Considered Carefully

23 March 2010

AUSTRALIA - Farmers should ensure they select the right variety of barley, as it can have a positive impact on yield and gross income.

Birchip Cropping Group consultant Dr Kate Burke told the Weekly Times that people can be blasé about varieties, but should focus on the fundamental decisions.

The expert added that selecting the right varieties can have a bigger impact than weed competition, nitrogen application and row spacing.

She stated: "The improved performance of commander in a more favourable season supports long-term national variety trial results that suggest it is best suited to areas capable of producing three tonnes a hectare or greater."

Speaking about the varieties, Dr Burke said that buloke does not cope well with the heat while hindmarsh reacts well to phosphorus and nitrogen.

A new web-based system from the National Institute of Agricultural Botany, called Barley-id, will make it easier to identify barley varieties, reported the Farmers Guardian.

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