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Locusts Damage 10,000 Hectares of Crops

14 April 2010

AUSTRALIA - Locusts have caused major crop damage in the central-west region of New South Wales in Australia, it has been reported.

Around 10,000 hectares of barley and wheat have been destroyed, according to AAP.

Forbes agronomist Graham Falconer has warned that the problem could get worse as insect numbers may increase later in the year.

"Some farmers are taking it into their own hands because there's quite large scale damage on a lot of properties," he told ABC Radio.

Early-sown wheat and barley crops are being particularly affected at the moment, although the locusts do not seem to be hitting oats as much, Mr Falconer added.

Farmers were warned of locust plagues last month, as the Australian Plague Locust Commission pointed out that record clusters of baby pests had been found in the south of New South Wales.

ABC reported that heavy rains triggered the outbreak, which could be the worst seen in years.

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