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Dry Weather Could Halt Plantings

19 April 2010

AUSTRALIA - Dry weather forecast for many of the grain-growing regions in Australia could deny farmers a planting window for winter crops, it has been suggested.

They may not be able to get seeds such as wheat in the ground as more rain is needed before early plantings can begin, Reuters reported.

This could hit production totals, as earlier planting gives higher yields.

Dry weather is forecast for this week, with a small amount of rain expected in some southern areas during Friday.

However, if good rain falls next week then early plantings may still be possible, according to Malcolm Bartholomaeus, market analyst for Callum Downs Commodity News.

"Across the whole wheat belt we have more sub-soil moisture than we've had for a number of years so it now comes down to getting planting rains to really capture the full benefits of the good conditions," he told the news provider.

Farmers in New South Wales have also been hit by locust plagues, with the pests damaging 10,000 hectares of crops in the state.

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