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Poor Fungicide Planning 'Wastes Money'

22 April 2010

UK - Farmers are being warned not to let poor fungicide planning drain cash from their operations.

Agriculture consultant William Vaughan-France of Bidwells has urged growers to step up their fungicide strategies, despite low grain prices.

Speaking to Farmers Guardian, he said many farmers do not realise how much money they could lose this year, with weak fungicide planning making matters worse.

"Poor grain prices can lead to the irrational belief cutting input spending helps reduce overall losses," he commented.

"That's peculiar, because if the idea is to use inputs to make money when prices are good, then in a loss-making situation they are just as important to help you lose less."

Cutting spray inputs, missing key spray timings and failing to preserve grain quality make losses worse, Mr Vaughan-France added.

Chemical company BASF is currently developing a new carboxamide fungicide for cereals, set to be launched in 2012, Farmers Weekly reported this week.

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