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Gairdner revealed as Victoria's most popular barley

28 April 2010

AUSTRALIA - A new report has shown that gairdner is the most sought-after barley in the Australian state of Victoria.

The Barley Australia review showed that it was rated 'high' in demand for domestic and export malting markets, while baudin was also given the same accolade but only for overseas buyers.

Furthermore, Barley Australia's preferred-variety list also featured buloke, schooner and flagship, which were put in the 'medium' demand category.

David Thomas, chairman of Barley Australia, said that the list, which will be updated regularly instead of the previous annual version, will give growers an indication of market demand.

"It is also true that the best yielding varieties are not always those with the most favourable malting and brewing quality characteristics," he stated, adding that those products in the highest demand should command the best prices.

Earlier this week, farmers in Australia were warned to keep a check on mouse activity in Victoria, with seasonal conditions leading to high numbers, according to Farmonline.

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