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Locusts on the Move in Queensland

19 August 2010

AUSTRALIA – Hot weather in western parts of the state of Queensland is expected to prompt large swarms of spur-throated locusts to move into other areas.

According to ABC, the state government has warned that Queensland could be facing its worst locust plague in three decades, with hundreds of millions of insects expected to fly east and threaten crops across the country.

Graham Hardwick, from Biosecurity Queensland, told the news provider that, with temperatures forecast to the mid-30s Centigrade in western areas this week, some of the swarms may be encouraged to disperse.

"As the weather warms up, they'll start to disperse or move around in the area looking for some green grass, so they can build up fat and then lay eggs," he said.

Mr Hardwick went on to say that the locusts normally lay their eggs around October, adding that the pests would soon be looking for places to settle.

Earlier this week, ABC reported that producers of grain and oilseeds across New South Wales had been warned to expect the early arrival of peak locust hatchings, due to unusually warm weather.

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