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Locust Eggs Laid In High Country

26 August 2010

AUSTRALIA – Locust eggs are thought to have been observed in parts of the Australian state Victoria, suggesting that farmers in the region could be facing a pest outbreak.

According to ABC News, Victoria's Department of Primary Industries has confirmed what it believes to be a single, isolated case of Australian plague locust eggs in the state's high country.

While the discovery is located hundreds of kilometres east of all other known egg beds, Swifts Creek has been known to experience such plagues in the past.

Robert Read, a farmer from the affected region, told the news provider that the eggs were definitely back again this year.

"There was a considerable amount of locusts here in the January, February [and] March period. We didn't confirm much laying, but we have since found eggs that have been sent to the department. There are locust eggs in the Swifts Creek area," he said.

Meanwhile, the ABC also reported this week that farmers across Victoria were not expecting rainfall to reduce the number of locusts hatching in northern parts of the state this spring.

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