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Winter 'Was Not As Wet As It Felt'

01 September 2010

AUSTRALIA – Though many of the region's farmers have complained of particularly wet conditions, south-eastern Australia has actually seen normal winter rain for the first time in five years.

ABC News reported that this season had been "mixed" across the country, with southern parts of Western Australia experiencing a dry spell while Central Australia saw unusually heavy downpours.

Blair Trewin, from the National Climate Centre, told the news provider that, for some producers, the winter season had seemed much wetter than it actually was.

"Areas such as northern Victoria and southern inland New South Wales, most were in the normal to slightly above normal range, but not spectacularly so," he explained.

Mr Trewin went on to say that many south-eastern growers had perceived their season to have been a wet one because of the contrast with especially dry winters over recent years.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported that Western Australia growers had finally enjoyed some much-needed rain.

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