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Farms Submerged By Severe Flooding

09 September 2010

AUSTRALIA – Floodwaters are reportedly moving throughout the Australian state of Victoria as an increasing number of farms become submerged.

According to ABC News, the Wimmera River has peaked at Horsham and is now moving towards the region's largest body of fresh water, Lake Hindmarsh.

Graeme Harrison, a Riverside farmer, told the news provider how his farm had gone completely under and was now only accessible by canoe.

"Over to our right where the ducks are is 60 acres of vetch. It gets pretty deep out in that paddock too. It's a couple of metres deep. When the river first start filling, we saw carp come up into the paddocks," he said.

The full extent of damage to crops is now being realised, as flood waters begin to recede, though some farmers still have as much as two-thirds of their land underwater.

Meanwhile, persistent rainfall in northern parts of Queensland is causing major disruption to the area's sugar cane harvest, ABC Rural reported.

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