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'Mad Soy Disease' Threatens Country's Crops

06 October 2010

BRAZIL – An 'incurable' disease that hits soybean crops' vegetative cycle is spreading throughout north-west Brazil.

Farmers have termed the ailment ‘mad soy disease’, which can cause yield reductions of up to 40 per cent and has taken hold in the Mato Grosso state, where almost a third of Brazil's soybeans are cultivated, reports.

The USDA said of the disease's occurrence: "In past years, the anomaly-affected soybeans in hot northern growing regions on a sporadic basis, but is now extending to more southern temperate growing regions with increased prevalence overall."

Scientists in the country believe that the abnormality is related to a previous crop disease, which was found to be insect-related and is now under control.

Early theories suggest that this new outbreak may also be mite-borne and no effective treatments have yet been discovered.

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