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Unexpected Locust Species Found

03 November 2010

AUSTRALIA – Officials in the central-west area of New South Wales have been 'caught off-guard' after discovering an unexpected species of large locust in the region.

The Livestock Pest and Health Authority (LHPA) said that a swarm of spur-throated locusts have been identified covering an area of around 8,000 acres north-east of Nyngan, ABC reports.

Senior ranger, Lisa Thomas, said that the females, which are ready to lay eggs, may have swarmed from the north west, and differ from the standard plague locusts which have been found in the area so far.

Ms Thomas explained: "Generally females separate from the males when they are about to lay. That's why there's a bit of an urgency about needing to know about their life cycle so we can nip it in the bud if we can."

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