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Brazil Maize Exports to ME Grow

05 November 2010

BRAZIL - Maize exports from Brazil to the Arab countries grew 48 per cent in the first nine months of this year, according to figures disclosed by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade.

Sales of the product to the region generated revenues of $241.6 million to the country from January to September this year.

According to the Market Development manager at the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Rodrigo Solano, this is one of the products, among the foods, that has the greatest potential in sales to the Arab world.

The Arab countries, according to Solano, imported US$ 2.3 billion in maize in 2009. In the previous year, 2008, the value was even greater.

"There was a reduction due to the crisis. But with the improvement of the economy, imports may return to a level similar to that of 2008," said the manager, referring to the Arab market's global imports of the product.

He said, in the Arab world, maize is turned to the local food processing industry, as well as to human and animal consumption.

The growth in Arab purchases of maize from Brazil from January to September was $78 million, as in the same period in 2009 they had totalled $162.9 million. The main buyer in the region was Morocco, with purchases of $87.6 million this year, as against $40.7 million in 2009, followed by Saudi Arabia, with $79.2 million, against $62.8 million in the previous period. The third main importer was Tunisia, with $15.6 million. In the first nine months last year the Tunisians did not buy maize from Brazil.

A large part of the increase in sales of maize in grain from Brazil to the Arabs was due to September exports. In the month, the country had revenues of US$ 113.9 million with shipment of the commodity to the Arab world.

That is, 47 per cent of the maize was shipped in the month. In September, however, the main buyer was the Saudi market, followed by Morocco and Egypt. The excessive offer of maize on the Brazilian market was one of the factors boosting sales to the Arab market, according to Solano.

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