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Attributes of Wheat Impacting Texture of Asian Noodles

28 February 2011
University of Manitoba

CANADA - Researchers with the University of Manitoba have kicked off a three-year project to examine the fundamental mechanical properties that control texture in the commercial production of Asian noodles using Canadian wheat, writes Bruce Cochrane.

While Canada is touted as the bread basket of the world, about 50 percent of the Canadian wheat exported goes to southeast Asia for noodle production.

Dr Martin Scanlon, a food technology professor with the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, says researchers hope to apply ultrasound technology, which has been used successfully to assess the quality attributes of bread-making doughs, to assess the quality of doughs used for Asian noodle production and to identify characteristics plant breeders should be selecting for.

Dr. Martin Scanlon-University of Manitoba

There's really two big quality attributes associated with the noodles.

You want to make sure that they've got good appearance so they need to be nice and white or a yellow hue depending on how they've been treated.

There's been a lot of work done on the appearance side which is an important quality attribute but not so much work done on the texture evaluation and yet it's the mouth feel when people bite into noodles that makes them desirable.

It has just started over the last few years is that there's a recognition that we just don't have, particularly from the fundamental perspective, we don't have the tools to be able to characterize texture as well.

This is an attempt to sort of use tools that we've been showing will work and tell us good information about bread-making doughs and to see to what extent we can use it to tell us something about the texture of noodle doughs.

Dr Scanlon says researchers hope to gain a better understanding of the important quality parameters associated with texture and how they might be influenced by processing or by protein or starch content in the dough so that they'll be in a better position to advise Canadian noodle wheat breeders on the characteristics to be focusing on.

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