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Dow's INSTINCT Nitrogen Stabilizer Has Section 24(c)

24 May 2011

US — Dow AgroSciences announces that its INSTINCT® nitrogen stabilizer has received 24(c) Special Local Needs Registration in Illinois from the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

The additional registration allows corn producers to stabilize their nitrogen (N) as a postplant application prior to the V6-stage of growth. The result is less N lost to leaching and denitrfication and more N available for grain production.

"The additional label provides a whole new opportunity to maximize yield potential by retaining more nitrogen in the corn's root zone through a sidedress application," says Amir Faghih, product manager, Dow AgroSciences.

With strong support of local growers and university researchers, Dow AgroSciences has also received approval for 24(c) Special Local Needs Registration in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. The company is pursuing Section 3 registration for this application of INSTINCT for nationwide use spring 2012.

Since its introduction in August 2009, INSTINCT has been used by growers to optimize yield potential by protecting N at the root zone. University studies have shown that nitrapyrin, the active ingredient in INSTINCT, makes more nitrogen available longer, which increases grain protein and the yield potential of corn, improves standability, reduces the risk of stalk rot and enables a more natural crop drydown.

INSTINCT has been approved in Illinois for its ability to improve nitrogen use efficiency, maximize yield potential and because of its environmental benefits.

According to the USDA Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP), 60 to 80 per cent of cultivated cropland needs more nutrient management to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus loss from fields.

Since 1980, the amount of N used per crop acre has decreased by approximately 25 per cent. And while this is good progress from a stewardship standpoint, growers continue to demand that corn plants continue to produce high yields. Therefore, the N that's applied must be more efficient.

Using INSTINCT is a practice that helps reduce nitrogen loss and, thus, is a clear example of how corn growers employ technologies that are practical, measurable and demonstrable in helping protect America's valuable environment.

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