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Farmers Wait for Rain to Save Crops

08 August 2011

AUSTRALIA - Farmers in New South Wales are growing concerned about the amount of rainfall they are experiencing and hoping for more rain this week.

According to a report on ABC, some areas in western New South Wales received between three and 10 millimetre of rain at the weekend.

But this was not enough for the winter crops.

The Department of Primary Industries' Dubbo district agronomist, Kathi Hertel, told ABC that the small amount of rainfall had offered a reprieve for some winter crops but is nowhere near enough.

"At the moment both crops and pastures are struggling so much, we really need rain right now and 50mm would be ideal if we could get that within the next week," she told ABC.

"After that, throughout the spring, if we could continue to get just a little bit of rain to keep that full moisture profile, our prospects for a good season are still there at the moment."

The report says that farmers have already had a tough season and many cereal crops are under stress, with canola being hit.

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