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Leading the World in Feeding the World - Future of Australian Grain

22 September 2011

AUSTRALIA - "Research and development is critical for Australian growers to keep ahead of declining terms of trade by continuing to improve on farm productivity and profitability."

That's the message Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) Managing Director John Harvey will deliver in a series of special agribusiness events across Australia commencing later this month.

Mr Harvey will articulate his vision for the Australian grains industry during the ‘Leading the World in Feeding the World' roadshow presentations to be held in Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

"In the short term, it is critical GRDC delivers value so that Australian growers know and implement the R&D successes of the past 20 years," Mr Harvey said.

"Over the longer term, GRDC collaboration and adoption of internationally developing biotechnology is fundamental to ensure Australian growers remain the best in the world.

"Australia only does around two per cent of the world's R&D so it is absolutely critical we link up with the other 98 per cent so Australian grain growers receive the benefits."

Australian Trade Commission chief economist, Tim Harcourt, will also be a keynote speaker at the events, addressing the global grain trade and how Australian grain farmers can play a role in feeding a global population expected to be nine billion by 2050.

Mr Harcourt is responsible for analysing the global economy for the benefit of Australian exporters and is an active commentator on trade and investment issues in Australian and international media.

The series of agribusiness functions begins late September in Adelaide, before travelling to Perth and Brisbane in early October.

The ‘Leading the World in Feeding the World' roadshow is being hosted by GRDC and the Agribusiness Association of Australia.


  • ‘Leading the World in Feeding the World' GRDC - AAA grains industry events roadshow


  • Adelaide - Sebel Playford, 120 North Terrace
    Monday, September 26 (from 12 noon)
  • Perth - Sebel Playford, 120 North Terrace
    Tuesday, October 4 (from 7am)
  • Brisbane - Tattersall's Club, 215 Queen Street
    Thursday, October 6 (from 7am)


  • Key speakers:
    • John Harvey, GRDC Managing Director
    • Tim Harcourt, Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) chief economist

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