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Alpcot Agro AB: Winter Planting Update

03 November 2011

GLOBAL - Alpcot Agro AB has completed the winter planting campaign in all regions for a total area of 47,500 hectares of crops for sale, whereof about 88 per cent winter wheat. The target for the spring planting campaign is 55,300 hectares, giving a total cropped area target in 2012 of 102,800 hectares as per the present plan.

Winter planting

During the fall of 2011, Alpcot Agro AB has planted about 42,000 hectares of winter wheat, whereof 33,000 hectares in the Russian inland, 6,000 hectares in Ukraine and 3,000 hectares in Kaliningrad. The Company has also planted in total 5,500 hectares of winter rape, whereof 3,400 hectares in Ukraine and 2,100 hectares in Kaliningrad.

Spring planting plan update for 2012

In spring 2012, Alpcot Agro AB is planning to plant approximately 55,300 hectares of crops for sale, aiming for a total cropped area in 2012 of 102,800 hectares. The main spring crops are 15,100 hectares of sunflower, 10,000 hectares of soy, 9,900 hectares of barley, 8,800 hectares of corn, 4,000 hectares of spring rape, 1,200 hectares of sugar beet and 6,300 hectares of other crops.

Final harvest report 2011

To date, Alpcot Agro AB has harvested almost 90 per cent of the total cropped area. The harvest is still ongoing for some crops, primarily sunflower and corn. The harvest conditions are fine, the yields are better than expected and none of the crops are presently at risk from weather conditions. The Company expects to be able to publish the final harvest and yield results for 2011 by mid-to-end of November.

Jens Peter Aabyen, Managing Director, comments: “I am satisfied to report that we have successfully completed the winter planting campaign despite difficult conditions and heavy rains in some regions. The planned cropped area of almost 103 000 hectares in 2012 equals an increase by about 11 per cent compared to 2011.”

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